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ECES mentors and supports participants who want to learn and advance their horsemanship skills through its Introductory Horsemanship, Management & Care. Either through a pre-certificate or by lesson format.

EFL Supports

ECES provides an engaging, safe, all-inclusive environment for children, youth & adults who are participants of the NDIS, this service is offered through Functional Occupation Therapies & Supports (FOTS), for all types of abilities to have positive interactions with horses, where they can learn about their own individual self and be accepted, using a specifically designed EFL frame work & program. 

Equine Nutrition

ECES assists horse owners through the world of Equine Nutrition, giving horse owners and learners a trusted friendly face, who is fully qualified & insured, and is an independent Equine Nutrition Advisor & Health Specialist. 


ECES offers workshops for Individuals, Businesses – Professional Development, School Groups, Holiday Programs, and other organisations.

Our Services

"Children & Adults often do not experience Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) as learning in the traditional sense. It is because Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is experiential, suddenly learning becomes fun!"

-- Elaine Russell (

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